Boston Partners Group

ECS is a company that I founded.  For many years we had a business that we just could not grow into the big league.  Boston Partners helped us to focus the operation and leverage our strengths.  We successfully built the company out and achieved significant growth and expansion of our market position, while we were able to maintain profitability and positive cash flow.   This significantly increased our market attractiveness that resulted in a large capital buy-out for ourselves.

Chairman and CEO and founder of Workscape


Adrian Peters and his team completed a fundamental review of the company and over a period of approximately fourteen months worked with all the managers here on a restructuring of the business. The results have been impressive. We are now showing good profitability during a very difficult economic time.   They have a rare gift of true business acumen.   They can analyze business operations and recommend courses of action that will help a company evolve into its next stage whether it be a turnaround or preparing management to face difficult decisions concerning a company’s future.

Owner and President – Whitney Brothers


The situation at the company was deteriorating as each month passed and it had gotten to the point where I felt that my only option was to liquidate the company.  Boston Partners and Adrian Peters first analyzed the company and looked at the financial condition as well as the products we manufactured and the markets we sold to.   With fine planning that was done with tactical finesse we exited our legacy products which generated a significant amount of cash for the company.   The result was a company with a much lower cost base and a real positive cash position and a clear focus on the newer product lines.   They are extremely competent and their work ethics are impressive.   They tell it like it is and I always felt comfortable working with them.

Owner and CEO – Beede Instruments


Adrian Peters and his team's evaluation of the company presented a somber story.   About one-third profitable business, about one-third breakeven business, and one-third losing business.   However, that story came with a plan to move all our business into a profitable category.   The plan focused on a clear strategic view of our business and our market, and aligning or organizational structure, our sales effort, and our operations with that strategy.   Their experience with companies like ours gave them the confidence to predict a profitable turnaround if we followed their suggestions.   We took the plunge and began working with them to transform the company.   They were in our plant (and in our faces) for six months to help us change.   We began seeing results within the first month and by the end of those six months we had posted our first profitable year in three years.   In my thirty-five years in business I have never worked with a more professional and effective consulting group than with Adrian Peters and Boston Partners.

Owner and President – Graphicast Inc.


When we ended August 2006 the outlook for the company was bleak, with the bank looking very hard at our financial position.   We were facing the bank’s potentially calling our loan at the end of 2006.   We considered liquidation, but the process was complicated and needed to be organized and monitored throughout for it to be successful.   We were referred to Adrian Peters and Boston Partners.   These past months have been trying, however, the liquidation process succeeded and was very successful, but only, we believe, as a result of the plan they created and thoroughly monitored.

Owner & President – PH Precision


I wanted to take this opportunity to extend my thanks and congratulations with regard to Boston Partners’s work with Crestwoods.   Through their hard work and strategic vision the company was able to turn the corner and operate profitable for the first time in a long time.   As I have said more than once, - everything that could have gone right has gone right, and that hasn’t happened by accident.

Vice President – Major Bank


We were in a tough spot as Ringmaster was facing serious growth and cash flow problems when we contacted Boston Partners to help us.   They analyzed our market position and reviewed our operating strategy, after which they advised us to make very specific and practical changes to improve the business and the value of the company.  Boston Partners really developed a clear operating strategy for us that helped us turn the corner.    Since their involvement our sales have been growing at a rate of more than 100% year over year and we have been profitable and cash flow positive.   Today we have a successful and growing business that funds its own growth and we surely can sell it at a much improved value.

CEO and Founder of Ringmaster Software


Bill worked with me at a division in France providing both managerial and technical support for the French organization.  He showed great persistence and determination in working through the numerous cultural and manufacturing issues that existed.  His logical and straight-forward problem solving methods combined with his technical experience and excellent communication skills earned him the respect of both the French and American teams while providing tangible results.  Bill had a very positive impact on our efforts.

Product Manager - Autocam


Boston Partners really added value to help us define a new strategy and operational plan for Astea.  We subsequently restructured and successfully sold off a business line that did not fit our core operations.   They also helped us with financial planning and streamlining of the operations.

Chairman and CEO of Astea International


Boston Partners helped me with the development of a new strategy and business plan for Interstar that was needed to redefine the core business of the company and find a new future growth strategy.   They definitely helped us raise capital under very difficult market conditions.   I still make use of their advice as we move forward with what today is a profitable and growing company.

President and CEO of Interstar Technologies


Boston Partners worked with us over a two-year period during which Authoria went through a very steep growth curve as we penetrated a totally new market space and established ourselves as the market leader.   We successfully transitioned the company through different life cycles.   Each cycle called for a different set of tactics and priorities and Boston Partners helped us to foresee and plan for that with hard core practical ideas and tactics that contributed to our success.   Boston Partners not only helped with the planning but assisted with hands-on involvement and coaching of the senior management team.

Chairman, CEO and Founder of Authoria


Boston Partners worked with us on strategic planning and helped us to frame out many of the issues that we were dealing with.  Perspective is critical in building a business and positioning it for success and Boston Partners was tremendous with their help and insight.   They actually made us change some fundamental plans and formulate a clear strategy that was practical.   Overall the time was well spent and I have a high regard for their value added.

Chairman of Asset Management Solutions


Boston Partners successfully helped us during a very challenging time when we faced serious obstacles to finance the future growth of Essence Systems.  They made a big contribution in defining a visible future strategy that involved detail product and market positioning, as well as content delivery that led to the successful raising of the capital we required for the next phase of our business.

Chairman and Founder of Essence Systems