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Boston Partners Technology Division specializes in finding and matching technologies and products with manufacturers, distributors, and end-user markets as well as transacting economical business relationships and acquisitions on a global basis.


Technology Transfer

We match technologies with local markets and institutions that can best and most economically manufacture or deploy such technologies and products.  This solution involves both new as well as mature technologies and products.  For new technologies we focus to find the fastest and most profitable market penetration by partnering it with the most appropriate channels and markets.  For mature technologies and products we find the most economical production solutions and second wave market optimization.


Technology Acquisition

We manage and assist in all aspects of obtaining high value technology assets.  From requirement to vendor selection, contract negotiation (procurement), implementation, and change management our techniques ensure return on investment, compliance, and improved productivity.  This gives our clients the necessary edge and allows them to focus on their core business and core technologies.  We help define best practice solutions and align technology strategy to business goals and profitability.  Utilizing proven and precise methodologies we analyze strategic, operational and technical needs to select, acquire, and deploy technologies that create clear advantages for our clients.


Technology Distribution

We help clients obtain the highest return through all segments of a product or service life cycle.  From market entry, through expansion, to mature mining, we help to maximize market share by designing and implementing proven go to market strategies.  We will analyze current and potential markets providing a roadmap for increased sales that align with the strategic long term goals.  By increasing distribution efficiencies, penetrating new global markets, and building upon existing markets, we will take full advantage of any and all revenue opportunities.

Working closely with our other divisions we will align our clients to affect the best economic outcome.  Whether a Merger and Acquisition or Strategic Growth or Technology Sourcing, we will ensure that our clients reach their fullest potential.