Boston Partners Group



Boston Partners' senior team members all have the skills and experience to make real effective contributions.  All the senior staff members have extensive operational experience and can differentiate between theoretical advice and tough real world solutions.  Our recommendations are practical and effective and we have no problem taking responsibility for operational assistance and interim management.



Adrian Peters


Adrian founded Boston Partners in 1996 after an extensive corporate career spanning general management, consulting, and acquisitions.  He was a senior executive at Siemens AG, one of the world’s largest industrial companies where he was the CEO of a number of country operations and companies.  He also was the CEO of several high tech companies and the founder of a digital encryption company.  Earlier in his career he worked for IBM and Arthur Andersen.  At Federale, an industrial holding company, he was involved in mergers and acquisitions of high-tech companies.  He has degrees in science and engineering from the University of Stellenbosch and studied business at Harvard.



Guy Blanchette


Guy has extensive experience in management, sales, and marketing.  He was the CEO of Interstar Technologies, a high tech company in the field of computer transmission networks, the founder of a wireless technology company and has consulted to various organizations. Earlier in his career he was the VP of Global Sales at a high-tech company and he has a solid background in advanced technologies and sales and marketing.  He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of New Hampshire and studied business at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.



Sandra Peters


Sandra specializes in human behavior and helps companies with conflict resolution, individual effectiveness, and positive interactions in the work place.  She uses proven techniques and programs to analyze and evaluate the personalities of key staff members.  These results are then utilized for individual counseling sessions as well as team building exercises in order to improve individual co-operation, co-worker understanding, and overall team effectiveness.  She is a certified MBTI specialist and she has Bachelors as well as Masters Degrees in Psychology from FSU.



Bob Nealon


Bob has broad experience in operations and finance, and held executive positions in large and small companies with global operations.  He had a successful career at DEC where he was Executive Senior Vice President and also was the President at various other high-tech companies.  Bob obtained accounting as well as MBA degrees from Boston College and also studied business at Harvard and was an adjunct professor at Babson College.



Rich Yonker


Rich has worked with high-tech start-up companies as well as with large corporations in financial, manufacturing, and IT.  He was the DFO of MMC Networks which was purchased for more than $4 billion, which to that date was the second largest ever merger in the semiconductor industry.  He also held senior executive positions at various high-tech companies such as DEC and Intel as well as General Motors.  He has a degree in industrial engineering from General Motors Institute and a Masters in management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).