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Less than 20% of companies deliver real economic value.  Approximately 50% under-perform and could improve.  The rest are in serious trouble and have to improve.



Boston Partners' Consulting division specializes in advising companies to change and improve their strategic position, their competitive advantage, as well as their underlying operations.  We are a boutique firm that specializes in all fields of technology and manufacturing.


 The world is constantly changing and at an ever increasing pace.  Companies constantly face changing business environments and new competitive threats and need to adapt their businesses and make changes in order to stay on top.  The best companies recognize that they are constrained by their own internal perspectives and realize that they can benefit from a fresh perspective, new insight, and a cold hard look from outside to help them make the best of their business.  Boston Partners offer such expertise with a no-nonsense approach to compliment and help them make better informed decisions and to assist them deploy the best practical solutions.


We partner with our clients to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their businesses. Our approach is to work closely with client staff and combine their knowledge of the company’s internal workings with our knowledge of business and successful approaches for improvement.


Every company is unique and comes with different ingredients, strengths and weaknesses and there are no standard cookie-cutter solutions that befit all companies.   Boston Partners’ experience and expertise has proven itself to find the best solutions for each specific client.  We recognize and exploit the strengths of our clients but at the same time we are agents of change, known for objective and honest advice, and we do not hesitate to point out the weaknesses and make recommendations for meaningful improvements. Our customized approach ensures that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantages, build more capable organizations, and secure lasting results.


Working with our other divisions we offer closely aligned additional strategic services when necessary to affect the best economic outcome for our clients.  Whether a Merger and Acquisition, Strategic Growth, or Technology Sourcing, we will ensure that our clients reach their fullest potential

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