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Mergers & Acquisitions



More than 70% of established middle-market companies fail before the owners retire, leaving  them little to show for their hard work and lifelong investment.



Boston Partners' Merger and Acquisition division evaluates the viability, determines the monetary value, and transact the sale of companies or their business operations.  We also service companies on the buy-side.  We plan strategic targets, explore opportunities, perform due diligence, and transact acquisitions.  Our services are not single focused and include strategic alternatives such as buy-outs, partnerships, joint ventures, and restructuring.


 Our concentration in high-tech, advanced technology, and manufacturing enables us to provide these sectors with in-depth knowledge and expertise and customized solutions incorporating the latest, most up to date industry knowledge and intelligence.


 The statistics in the M&A industry show that approximately 80% of listed businesses don’t sell.  Such failed efforts to sell come at a high cost to the owners in the form of lost time, wasted expenses, a loss of productivity and staff, and a negative market perception. One of the most common reasons for these failures is a fostering of unrealistic expectations by agents who tout that they can “sell it for much more than it is worth”. There are very few fools out there with enough money to buy a company and there are none at the end of the day once they engage advisors and experts to help with due diligence and closing offerings.


We believe in transactions that are realistic and where we can model and prove the best match of a win-win deal structure for both the buyer and the seller.   This approach requires industry knowledge, operational experience, and expertise to sell and negotiate such benefits and Boston Partners is uniquely qualified to do so.


Our team of dedicated professionals is experienced and has a wide network of industry contacts with both domestic and international technology related firms and investment bankers. We have earned our clients respect and trust by providing discreet and confidential services that have consistently provided maximum value to their companies and shareholders.


Working with our other divisions we offer closely aligned additional strategic services when necessary to affect the best economic outcome for our clients.  Whether a Merger and Acquisition, Strategic Growth, or Technology Sourcing, we will ensure that our clients reach their fullest potential

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