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Boston Partners hires people with prior industry experience and excellent track records.

People who have a passion to work with people and at strategic issues that will greatly improve business.



We work with middle-market companies and our team members really have to love this environment of working with real business owners, companies where there is no place for bureaucracy, a market space where competition is intense and from many directions, and where resources are limited and time is of the essence.  We concentrate our activities in the North East with headquarters in Massachusetts.


We believe in team-work where our people complement each other with different views, skills, and experience.  This way every person can be of value, make a real contribution, and participate in more than one project at a time.  In fact, we insist on peer reviews and multiple input which makes work fun and which let our clients have the best we can offer as a team, not as individuals.


You are welcome to send us your resume with a short goal statement of what field you want to work in to