Boston Partners Group
International Operations




An international paradigm shift is affecting all industries.  Companies have to change to optimize this new open world.



Boston Partners has invested heavily in developing an international approach and network of professional firms, investment bankers, and technology companies in the most important countries where technology and manufacturing are of key importance.  We have extended our reach and established a reliable and confidential network that now includes India, China, and Brazil.


The world is changing at a fast pace and there are major shifts taking place in the capabilities and competitive strengths of individual countries and regions on a global basis.  These changes are causing critical shifts and they lead to the unbundling of competency centers for technology development, economic production bases, available capital resources, and growth markets.  These changes on the international scene already do and will increasingly so drastically influence the strategy and structure of companies worldwide.  Large conglomerates may be able to span all these differentiators under one umbrella.  However, for the majority of companies it will mean a new approach for cross-border interchanges of technologies, intellectual property, products, and local markets.


We collaborate with our international network to identify companies with technology and or market requirements on the one hand and companies with technology and or market offerings on the other hand.  We then leverage our expertise and that of our network of associates to the benefit of all our divisions in order to optimize the international opportunities for our clients.  This includes transacting business opportunities to source, manufacture, license, collaborate, and distribute.  It also includes our ability to transact mergers and acquisitions internationally.



For the future success of our clients we believe it is critical to optimize the international economies, markets, labor, and many other factors that are driving the new business paradigm.  Strategic thinking, thoughtful partnering, industry expertise, dedicated professionals, and key relationships are what make Boston Partners special.